"The combination of higher genetic potential for prolificacy from the Finnsheep breed, consistent selection of rams and ewes under commercial production conditions, and improved management, has resulted in a flock production level estimated at 30 to 40% above that of average flocks in the state."

-Eric Bradford, UC Davis

The Genetics


         In the late 1960s, we realized that the traditional range ewe wasn’t productive enough to meet the ever-changing demands of the sheep industry in our area. Our weaning rate per ewe in the flock was not much over 100%, typical for the area then and still for many flocks today. A decrease in the number of dry ewes and an increase in twinning rate seemed essential. Over many years, Hamilton Brothers Ranch has consistently adjusted the genetic makeup of the animal to create a highly efficient production system that will yield a high-quality lamb and uniform wool up in the 23 to 24 micron range. The constant improvement of the genetics of our lambs has resulted in a flock of 2100 3/8 Finn 3/8 Targhee 1/4 Rambouillet ewes and 100 suffolk & 1/2 suffolk 1/4 Columbia 1/4 Texel ewes

How we raise our lambs

All our lambs are raised under sound animal husbandry practices that include being free of growth hormones and antibiotics and minimum animal stress.

Who We Sell To


      Hamilton Brothers Ranch is the largest in state ram supplier to the California Commercial Sheep Industry. We sell breeding sheep (mature ewes, yearling ewes, ewe lambs, mature rams, yearling rams, and ram lambs) to various producers.


        As an operation, we strive to produce a very uniform wool clip that is consistent in fiber variation and staple length. Rams use to produce our ewes are individually selected for consistent wool fleece quality.

        During the shearing of our sheep, the wool fleeces are skirted and classed for their individual wool quality. Historically 85% of our wool will be grouped in our main wool line that is marketed through Roswell Wool in Roswell, New Mexico.