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One Generation to the Next: Hamilton Brothers Farm and Family Ranching

July 2019

On the phone Richard Hamilton told me a visit to his place would, at the least, prove “interesting.”

“We’ve got windmills and sheep and…” — that was all I needed to hear. I was in.

To drive California, to jet in from its famous coasts and out from its hidden inland cities is a visual experience, the changes in landscape a constant surprise...

Where the Windmills Are

January 2017

The Story of Niman Ranch Farmers

July 2019


For Richard Hamilton and family, farming and ranching in Northern California’s Sacramento Valley is a multigenerational operation. In 1867, Hamilton’s great grandfather established...


“Our family farm was established in the 1870s. Our land extends from the Delta to land rich with the last growing native grasses in the Sacramento Valley. It is our mission to protect the native species...


Where the Windmills Are

February 2017


Jam Out With Your Lamb Out

August 2016

Restaurants learn about Montezuma Hills lamb

November 2012

MONTEZUMA HILLS — Chef Arturo Ponce wants to know some things about the ranches raising the lamb he uses in his dishes for the Boundary Oak Golf Course restaurant in Walnut Creek...


Fifty years ago, other than a trusted family milk cow, it would have been a difficult task to find cattle grazing the hills of Solano County, Calif. For generations, its western portion of Rio Vista...

The first time chef Sophina Uong had great lamb, it was in the presence of belly dancers. There was chicken (or was it pigeon?) pie, and lamb...