Our Focus

The focus of our cattle operation is on maternal traits that helps produce cows that are highly productive within our environment that yields a high quality and very uniform calf crop. To help insure consistent uniformity,    our cow herd is closed and has been since 1995. We purchase herd bulls from seedstock producers who have closed cow herds and prioritize maternal quality in their genetic program. 



GAP’s Animal Welfare Certified label means that animals are raised without antibiotics or added hormones, and are fed a vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. The higher the number, the more the animal’s environment mimics its natural environment. Animals are raised on pasture year-round. In some climates where pastures need to be protected for use the next year, animals must still be given daily access to outdoor areas. Cattle are not permitted to be finished in feedlots. Farmers and ranchers raise animals that are well suited for outdoor living, and sustainably manage their environments.

 Where to get our cattle  


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